Digital Production Centre (DPC)

The DPC of  the University Library of  the Universiteit van Amsterdam offers technical support to create digital products and supports an infrastructure to make this material available to others. The DPC offers paid services to scientists and knowledge organisations (internally and externally). 

DPC uses open, international standards and products are made available on the Internet to be consulted via standard browsers (Firefox, Explorer). The data and texts are encoded in XML (Extensible Mark-up Language). For each production line a specialized DTD (Document Type Definition) or Schema is used for the structuring of the data and making them available online.

DPC works with international standards like the TEI DTD (Text Encoding Iniative) and the ISO 12083 Article DTD. Every production line is made up of a standardized set-up where the web interface runs on top of specialized middleware for the making available the digital publication. The use of open, international, ‘non-proprietary’ standards guarantees that the products will be platform independent and vendor neutral.

To index the data and provide fast and precise information retrieval, a powerful search engine which supports XML element and attribute searching is used by the DPC. Communication to and from the search engine is handled by modular and object oriented middleware. The middleware on the server processes the queries entered by users on a web page. The search engine returns the retrieved data and texts to the middleware and the middleware dynamically transforms it to web pages on the basis of templates and style sheets. The Digital Library eXtension Service (DLXS) of the University of Michigan supplies the search engine and middleware classes. The DPC also hosts a content management system (CMS) called OUI that is specialized on the input of XML documents. This CMS is based on the native XML database system X-Hive/DB.

                                                                      See for DPC products: http://www.uba.uva.nl/digital_production_centre/home.cfm






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