The project is divided into 12 work packages of which the first three (WP1, WP2 and WP3) are described below.

 WP1 Development of a methodology for describing collections

This first work packages consists of examining and determining in which way the collections need to be described in EAD. This methodology will be developed for a broad variety of academic collections (museum collections and archives).

 Interim results

  1. Methodology developed: the way EAD will be applied for describing academic collections
  2. Guidelines for the description of the test collections
  3. Guidelines for description of archival inventories
  4. Methodology for describing highlights and themes
  5. Functional requirements for collection descriptions , archival inventories, and theme and highlights descriptions 
  6. Guidelines for subject cataloging and classification (subject, geographical reference, period and language) according to international standards
  7. Research into the possibilities of mapping to and from MUSIP
  8. A first step towards a metadata model (relations between descriptions of collections, of inventories, of themes and of highlights)
  9. Draft template for entering data in Word
  10. Research into which EAD tools are useful for the DPC
  11. Training (for collection descriptions only, not for archives)

Schedule: May to October 2010

WP 2 Making and collecting the descriptions of the test collections

Making and collecting the descriptions of the test collections. Testing of the methodology that has been developed.

Interim results 

  1. Instruction of the managers of the collections
  2. Five collection descriptions in the Word template
  3. One archival inventory
  4. Three descriptions of highlights and two thematic descriptions
  5. A tested template for the descriptions of the test collections
  6. Final functional requirements for the descriptions of collections and archival inventories
  7. An English translation of descriptions of collections, of an archival inventory, of three highlights descriptions and of two thematic descriptions

Schedule: August – October 2010

WP3 Pure digitization and items testcollections

Determining how to spend the budget for pure digitization. Choosing a content standard for item descriptions. Examining which database entries  of items will be shown within UNICUM and in what way. Collecting the digital images which will be presented in UNICUM and preparing for collecting the item descriptions which for UNICUM will be mapped to MODS and Dublin Core.

Interim results

  1. Specification of the spending of the pure digitization budget
  2. Decision on the themes and highlights
  3. Determination of the content standard for object descriptions (by means of the analysis in the initial phase of the project) and the fields to be presented in UNICUM
  4. A manual for the content
  5. Final functional requirements for the item descriptions
  6. A fixed thumbnail size for presentation within UNICUM
  7. Existing digital images of objects of the test collection
  8. Selection of (existing) object descriptions of the test collections
  9. Five checked requests for a quotation for the pure digitization
  10. 15.000 digital images resulting from the pure digitzation budget
  11. Selection of 15.000 (existing) descriptions of objects for the pure digitization
  12. Determined link opportunities to the digital images presented at the sites of the partner institutions 
  13. A mapping of the item descriptions of the 5 SAE partners to MODS and Dublin Core

 Schedule: June 2010-December 2010


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